Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yesterday Liberty of the Seas ported in Labadee, Haiti. This part of Haiti has been transformed by Royal Caribbean into its own small island. The weather was beautiful and instead of participating in many of the water activities we could have done, we spent the day in a cabana we rented, relaxed in the sun, and swam in the beautiful Caribbean water. It was absolutely wonderful!

Labadee, Haiti

Adrenaline Beach

Savanna and I swimming in the ocean.

Savanna has NO FEAR!

Our cabana  for the day on Adrenaline Beach!

Savanna enjoying the cabana!

Then it was all aboard the ship for a nice dinner. While Stevie and I went to see the on board production of Saturday Night Fever, Savanna went to her favorite place on the ship...Kid's Club.

Ready for dinner!

Today was a day at sea and as soon as Missy Mae woke up she wanted pancakes and to go back to kid's club. I am beginning to think that she doesn't like being with the adults anymore. So while she was there Stevie and I hung out at the pool. It was absolutely wonderful to sit in the sun. 

The afternoon session of Kid's Club was all about pirates. So, the kiddos made a bandanna, made swords out of balloons, learned a song, and had eye patches painted on their faces. Then they marched into the open area and performed. Too cute.

The pirate parade.

One more day left...she is so funny as she sits here next to me trying to plan out her final day!


  1. Well, a person could get used to that cabana! Happy sails to you!

  2. I know Donna. I want one in Nags Head! I could have stayed in it forever!