Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stevie and I have decided to try this summer's trip with a new travel gal. Savanna Mae has joined us for our summer outing. She has been excited for quite some time. Of course she was excited to see skyscrapers, ride the different modes of transportation, and go on the  cruise. I was excited because it meant that it was summer vacation.

We have had a busy 6 days of travel. We left Pittsburgh Monday morning and arrived in NYC via the train. Savanna loved this, however, 9 hours was a bit much and I was glad she finally fell asleep because she asked me if each town we went through was NYC.

On Day One we visited the 9/11 Museum. It is exceptionally well done. Of course going through this with a four year old (although she was amazingly well behaved) leads Stevie and I to need another trip back sometime. The museum sits in the foundation of the former World Trade Center.

This is the base of the World Trade Center that they moved into the museum after they
finished clean up.

These were the base pillars from the World Trade Center.

The above piece of artwork says "No Day Shall Erase You From the Memory of Time." 
Each blue square is a separate water color the artist did to depict the color of the sky
the morning of 9/11. This was my favorite piece in the museum. Behind the wall lies the 
remains of many of the victims of that day.

After leaving the museum Savanna got to go up in NYC's biggest skyscraper the new Freedom Tower which just opened at the end of May. This new observation tower experience was also very well done. I am not much for heights, but Savanna LOVED looking out at all the other skyscrapers

New Freedom Tower

View From Floor 100

Then it was off to Little Italy for some real Italian Pasta that Nana would have been proud of. Yummy.

On day 2 we took Savanna to the New York transportation museum. She was fascinated with the subway system in NYC. She wanted to know which train we were taking, where we were getting off, how many stops it was going to be, and she kept track. I think she may be a city girl. She was also amazed by the turnstiles and wanted to go through them on her own and became and expert on the escalators.

At the transportation museum she was able to "drive a bus", "fill it up with gas", go through turnstiles of the last 100  years, and check out subways of the last 100 years as well. It was pretty amazing to see what subway cars have looked like over the years.

Going through the turnstile.

Pumping some gas!

Checking out the 100 years of subways!

A subway from the 1940s.

Taking subway tokens with Aunt Stevie.

Then we were off to FAO Schartz to visit before they close the famous "Big Piano" location in July due to high rent. Wow! It is pretty cool, and big. I didn't think Savanna would want to participate in the "Big Piano" but she did and performed well!

Savanna's Big Piano Debut!

The original clock tower.

Toys galore!

We also stopped in China town where Savanna decided to have a souvenir made for her and her sister by a nice Chinese man. Calligraphy name pictures. He was amazing. 

Of course she was fascinated just as much by the subway grates and how they made her dress pop out like a ballerina when a subway went by. Too funny!

Then on Day 3 we dressed in our matching Liberty of the Seas shirts and headed to the cruise ship to board! We were headed to warmer (and dryer from what I hear) land.

Can you guess who is who on our shirts?

Here is our ship Liberty of the Seas.

And here is the water area for Savanna!

We spent the first day getting used to the ship and Savanna spent a good bit of time in her "kid's club" Aquanauts which she LOVES. The first day they made surfboards and roasted pretend marshmallows on a pretend campfire and sang songs. It was also formal night and she got to wear her princess dress.

Today the ship arrived in Bermuda for the day. We chose to do a shore excursion to Horseshoe Bay Beach and it was simply amazing. I was a little concerned as Savanna has not been to a beach for about a year and a half and it not much for getting dirty and really doesn't like stuff on her. So, needless to say I wasn't sure how she would handle the sand. I was however pretty sure she would enjoy the water. I will admit she wasn't the only one who did. However, what amazed me is that when she needed a break from the water she played in the sand and ended up being covered in it and didn't matter. LOVE IT!

As for Horseshoe Bay LOVE IT as well. Clear water, pink sand, and sunshine. I just want to remember this in September!

Horseshoe Bay Beach,  Bermuda

Enjoying the clear water!

Playing in the pink sand!

For now that is it. Tomorrow we will be a day at sea while we travel to St. Martin. I am sure we will be able to find lots of fun things to do on the ship. 

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  1. Thanks for catching us up on the fun things you are seeing and doing. So glad you are continuing the tradition Aunt Stevie started with you! <3