Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On Sunday we had a day at sea so we decided to hang out at the pool! Fun times were had by all!

However , I think the sun wore Missy Mae out because she fell asleep during the ice show before dinner and then continued her nap during dinner. Interestingly enough when I went to carry her back to the room she woke up and caught a second wind telling me that she wanted to go to kids club.

Yesterday the Liberty of the Seas landed in St. Martin. Unfortunately for us St. Martin got the rain they have so desperately needed the day we were there. However, on a positive note we decided (upon asking Savanna what she wanted to do) to go ahead and head out on our beach excursion to Orient Beach. We certainly were glad we did. We were there for 3 1/2 hours and we never saw a drop of rain.  The water was beautiful and warm, the beach wasn't crowded, we got lunch and drinks, and Savanna had a blast. So, a good choice was made.

The port of St. Martin

Savanna in the sand!

Stevie and Savanna enjoy the waves!

Upon returning to the ship Savanna put her PJ's on and headed up to kids club as they were having PJ and movie night. I'm starting to think she likes them better than us. Just saying.

This morning we were docked in San Juan for a few hours where we walked around the town for awhile and did a bit of shopping. It was pretty hot out there. The town was very nice and we had a good time.

We then came back on board for an afternoon of the pool, sunshine, kid's club, and relaxation. During dinner our wait staff sang and danced for us. Fun times.

When we got back to our room tonight Savanna had another surprise "pet" from our room steward Winsome. A bunny! So far she has had an elephant, swan, and now a bunny. She loves them.

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