Monday, March 30, 2015

It was a beautiful day in Monument Valley. We took a tour into the area with John our Navajo guide. Not only did we get a great deal of history, but he was interesting and answered all our questions about the reservation and the people that live here.

Our first stop was at the two formations known as the two mittens. Do you see them? Use your imagination! The left mitten is close up and the right mitten is far in the back.

John even took our picture in front of the left mitten.

John showed us a great many formations that have names due to the fact that they have a similar appearance to that of different items. Now, you may REALLY have to use your imagination, but here goes!

The 3 sisters because the one on the left looks like a nun!

The Eye!

An Eagle!

A Man!

The Bunny!

The Totem Pole!

The Whisper in the Wind...because the Wind Whispers Through the Hole!

We saw a few more petroglyphs and ruins from the Anasazi people!

And we were back in time to see the sunset  cast some nice colors out onto the mesa! God is Good!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Today we headed out of Winslow and onto the Navajo Reservation....destination Canyon de Chelley (Shey). It was a pretty uneventful trip up to the canyon except we can say that it was pretty frustrating to have a road as straight as this and have a speed limit of only 55 mph. Really Stevie just wanted to drop the hammer and go FAST!

So we arrived in Chinle and met our Navajo guide Aaron. Although Canyon de Chelley is a National Monument it sits on the Reservation and thus you can only enter the canyon with a licensed Navajo guide in their 4 wheel drive vehicle. So, we got into Aaron's Wrangler and we were off! Here were some pictures of our venture out into the canyon. Right now the "wash" as it is called since it is sometimes completely dry and sometimes up to 4 feet deep was about 2 feet in the deepest areas.

We saw more petroglyphs from up to over 2000 years ago! Pretty amazing that these still remain! See this one of a hunting party?

And the humpbacked flute player?

And the antelope?

We saw lots of old ruins from the Anasazi people! Still I am amazed at how they climbed up into these homes and how they built them. Aaron said they either had ladders or build notches in the stone. Oh yeah, so that would have been easy for me....

Finally we visited Katherine a Navajo woman who comes into the canyon every morning to do farming of her garden and animals and work on her weaving and then leaves the canyon every evening. She farms the land that has been in her family for generations. Here she is demonstrating how she makes her own yarn and then weaves her rugs. Amazing.

And finally we arrived tonight in Monument Valley. We will tour tomorrow, but here is a preview as this is what we can see from our balcony!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Well we started the day by heading out to find that corner in Winslow, Arizona to stand on and guess what? We found someone to join us!

And then we even found a flatbed Ford! Pretty cool!

So we headed off down good ole' Route 66! We found some pretty cool stuff on that old road. Like the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook,

And this old Dairy Queen sign!

And this old car that was abandoned off of Route 66 during the Dust Bowl.

So we finally made it to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest and let me say it was really interesting and yet again had may different landforms!

The Petrified Forest is full of pieces of wood that were washed down a prehistoric river over 200 million years ago. The logs got stuck under the water and were buried under many layers of volcanic rock, soil, and other minerals and rocks. Over the years the wood cells were replaced with quartz cells when the water carried the different minerals into the wood and preserved them. They were uncovered many years later through the elements and at that time were "petrified" Pretty neat as they really are rock solid and hard.

And this one is called "Old Faithful" due to the weight and size. It was huge!

We traveled on into the Painted Desert where we saw these "tepees" that were formed and given their different colors from different minerals. Thus painted...very pretty!

This beautiful scene is another one of the red rocks of the Painted Desert.

We even saw Newspaper Rock with some petroglyphs.

And back in Winslow we saw this neat little guy. Kinda reminded me of Luigi from the movie Cars or of an antique Smart Car!