Sunday, February 16, 2014

Today was our first Florida beach day. We didn't head to the beach until this afternoon due to church and cool temperatures. I was a little concerned that Savanna would not like the beach because she has issues with having things such as dirt and sand on her body. Plus, like I said it was pretty windy and the water was cool.

However, when we hit the beach she was transfixed with the water and was concerned about all the "snow" that kept getting on her feet. She wanted me to wipe it off until I explained to her it was sand like she had in her sand table at home. From that moment on she wanted to build sand castles and shovel the "snow" (kinda like her daddy and Uncle Bub are doing up North).

Then she spent some time playing in the water while Pops and Aunt Stevie fished and I sat in the sun.

Finally, she fell sound asleep after a LONG day at the beach having fun in the sun (and Aunt Amy got a bit of sunburn on her arm because I was holding her and couldn't get up to put on sunscreen.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I have added a traveler to my normal twosome of Stevie and myself. We brought my favorite (and only) niece, Savanna Mae, to Florida to visit her Pops. We had planned this trip 6 months ago before two things had happened. First, the trip was supposed to be one to come visit my Mom and Dad. However, we very unexpectedly lost my mom in December. Secondly, it has been one of the coldest and snowiest winters I can remember. So, with these two things in mind we decided to keep with the original plan, get the heck out of Dodge, and go spend some quality family time with my dad.

I will admit that there have been some sad moments thinking about all the things my momma is missing. Then I think that my momma is actually the lucky one in that she isn't missing any of it. She gets to see every moment from the best view possible.

Now on to the travel news......
We arrived at the CMH airport and as I was about to dump out Missy Mae's sippy cup the nice lady at TSA actually came over to tell me I didn't need to as she was a minor. Then I found out that Stevie and Savanna had been pre-approved for pre-boarding shoe removal, no electronic removal, no jacket removal, no liquid removal. They said it was probably Savanna and Stevie's age and since I was with them I got to go along. I think I will travel with them from now on.

Savanna was an amazing traveler and sat in her car seat the entire flight...which I highly recommend. I will say I am really glad there was a young middle school age boy in front of her because she kept kicking his seat. At the end of the flight he was so nice to her and talked to her. I complemented his parents telling them I wished I had a classroom of kids like him.

Today we went to the Bonita Springs Farmer's Market, had a lovely lunch of crêpes, and came home to some pool time. Savanna has no fear in the water. She LOVES it. Just wondering if she will love the beach tomorrow as much.